Two podcasts here for your enjoyment.  Pragmatic Paramedics and Chris sat down for a discussion about “Life and Death Matters” and why this book is so essential for a successful first responder.  The second one here is a follow up to the interview.  Added in the second podcast are discussions that didn’t air in the original.  Both are well worth the time.  














Our discussion with James was phenomenal.  What an awesome privilege to speak with Behind the Shield.  We primarily spoke about the importance of humility when operating as a medic or firefighter.  Interestingly enough the conversation transcended the world of EMS.  Take a listen and Enjoy.  You will not be disappointed with this one.  









Excellent Podcast!  Here Sam and I had the privilege to sit down and talk with Fit to Fight Fire.  Our discussion starts with and ends with the concepts of Mentorship and the importance of being a good Mentor.  Don’t miss this one!  







This is an excellent listen. We cover a variety of topics including the inception of "Life and Death Matters" and our favorite parts of the book. Oh yeah, and a great discussion about why THERE IS NO GRAY.


SA Matters Radio


 This is a 2 part video discussion with Dr. Gasaway from SA Matters.  What a great discussion this is.  We discussed the significance of “Life and Death Matters” and how it impacts situational awareness.  This is a great listen... Don’t miss out.  

Part 1                                                                           Part 2




Our discussion with Steve is certainly one of kind.  This is a great discussion on motivation personal conduct that transcends EMS.  We talk about who Sam and I are, the inception of "Life and Death Matters" and much much more.  










This is a fun and easy listen.  We talk about the book "Life and Death Matters."  We also discuss a wide range of Fire and EMS topics.  This feels like a table top discussion about the JOB.  You'll enjoy this for sure.  







This is a GREAT listen.  Here we have a discussion about teamwork and the importance of ASSIMILATION.  ALSO... it's a youtube link so you get to see it as well.  Happy WATCHING!







Scott Orr is an award winning journalist and host of the Code 3 Podcast.  Listen to our interview with him.  This is a short and sweet discussion on professionalism and why it is essential for the first responder, paramedic, or firefighter.  






Communication, Setting the Tone, and Teamwork are some highlights of this podcast interview.  Medic2Medic Podcast Episode 172 features Sam and Chris from Field-Medics.  Have a quick listen.  You won't regret it!