PADL is a 6 hour CAPCE accredited course that can be used towards National or State recertification.  

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Paramedic Assessment Development and Leadership


This is a comprehensive course designed for the paramedic preceptor or instructor.  This is 6 hour course broken up in to 4 courses.  

Course 1 - PADL Defined — What is PADL?  What is the philosophy?

Course 2 - Paramedic Assessment — Assessing the needs of the new paramedic

Course 3 - Paramedic Development — Developing the paramedic for effective field work and confident independent practice

Course 4 - Paramedic Leadership — Defining Leadership principles for the paramedic 

This is a progressive Class that has to be taken in consecutive order beginning with course 1 and ending with course 4.  

The PADL course according to a PADL certified preceptor is “a complete game changer.”  This course will give the preceptor the tools needed to develop new candidates in a systematic and reproducible way.  We can’t wait to see you there!