About Us

We have been paramedic preceptors for the majority of our paramedic careers.  We have adopted an attitude of mentorship rather than simply instruction, when it comes to precepting.  Our approach is that of developing people that are paramedics.  Our philosophy towards para-medicine is that of an integrated approach.  A first responder, EMT, Firefighter, or Paramedic must integrate professional character attributes, decision making principles, and medical knowledge to become extremely successful.  We at field-medics focus on this integrated approach towards this incredible profession.  Precepting is about personal development as much as anything else.  Verification not re-education is a motto we use when precepting others.  Obviously the understanding and presence of medical knowledge is vital to success but involving yourself as a preceptor in guiding the application of that knowledge will be more beneficial to your student than re-educating them on principles they have already proven to be competent in. This is the field-medics way.  Integrating these principles and mentoring the new paramedic.  The great thing about this integrated approach is that it can be and should be adopted by all; the seasoned medic benefits, the new medic benefits, the student benefits, the EMT benefits, the firefighter benefits, any first responder benefits.  You will never be in a place during your career when adopting this integrated approach won't help you.