We field questions from all over.  We also enjoy hearing from you.  So, if you have a question don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.  Here are a few frequently asked questions to share with you.  


What is Field Medics?  

Field Medics is a paramedic and EMT training LLC that develops successful and confident first responders by implementing our coined “Integrated Approach” to prehospital emergency Medicine.  We pride ourselves on developing the whole person as it relates to the first responder.  We do this by incorporating key principles of success including decision making and leadership development.  


What is the Integrated Approach?  

Integrating three key concepts in to your practice as a first responder:

1). Personal Character Attributes and Interpersonal Skills

2). Decision Making Principles

3). Medical Knowledge

Integrating these three concepts is crucial to your practice as a paramedic or first responder.  Our proven approach has been adopted by people and agencies from around the globe.  For more on the Integrated Approach please be sure to grab a copy of “Life and Death Matters.” 


Why did you write “Life and Death Matters?” 

“Life and Death Matters” was written in order to address an important need within the EMS community.  That need being the recognition that what we as first responders do is more than simply addressing medical knowledge.  There is more to the provider.  Concepts like professionalism and decision making along with leadership principles must be defined and developed within each provider in order to ensure a long and lasting successful and confident career.  


What do you offer besides “Life and Death Matters?”

Specific classes and lessons developed to address specific needs within your particular practice as a provider or your agency as a whole.  These classes address several topics as it relates to the first responder including leadership development, decision making principles, roadmap to success, and there is NO Gray.