Why Field-Medics Integrated Approach is fundamental to YOUR success

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First of all this is a learning opportunity for us to become better.  The days of us brow beating each other and "eating our own" so to speak need to stop, learning from each others mistakes makes us better.  

Currently there is a viral EMS video circulating that shows an EMS crew seemingly letting an individual leave their ambulance only to be struck by a vehicle later in the night, resulting in the individuals death.  Since this video has surfaced it has been widely shared and viewed.  But, we must understand that we don't know the whole story despite thinking that the video and audio shows everything.  However, what can we learn from this video?  I argue that this video is a demonstration of why THERE IS NO GRAY only indecision!  The video begins with the individual reportedly running down the highway naked, thats the first information we have.  What are your initial thoughts?  More importantly, pay attention to the demeanor of not only the patient but the providers after getting in the back of the ambulance.  The patient clearly is not answering questions and cooperating with the providers.  More importantly than the patient's demeanor, however, is the tone set by the providers.  Field-Medics has articulated the 3 C's of setting the tone.  Does it look like a proper tone was set at all during the video?  I argue each of the 3 C's was never demonstrated by any of the providers.  In fact just by watching and listening I have no idea who is leading the call.  Secondly, I want to address professionalism.  If you think this is an acceptable demonstration of the professional first responder, you are hurting this profession.  It's time we all begin to act and conduct ourselves with the professionalism those we serve deserve.  Third, what sort of Mental Status Exam does this patient deserve.  I argue this is a supreme example of why the first responder must master the art of the Mental Status Exam.  Field-Medics has also developed in detail the Mental Status Exam or MSE.  There is so much more to the MSE than A&O x4, which in this case the patient doesn't even meet.  Lastly, I want to address why this call is demonstrative of why THERE IS NO GRAY, only indecision.  This comes down to an accountability and work ethic problem.  Not one time in the video do you see a COMMAND decision being made and then an understanding of the OWNERSHIP for that decision.  This is a lack of accountability and willingness to make the hard decision to take this individual to the hospital.  And, I'll qualify that statement with this, it's actually assumed it is a difficult decision by those who think this is a GRAY call.... IT'S not.  To quote Sam, "this is a Kobe Bryant slam dunk" and we all know that is a sure thing.  In addition to the clear lack of accountability the idea of work ethic is obvious.  I won't say anything else on that, but SERIOUSLY.  This is a video that should be viewed with these concepts in mind.  Please look back in our blog and read the series on the 3 C's of setting the tone.  Read the series on the Mental Status Exam.  And read the blog on Accountability and Liberty.  Understanding these principles is important and liberating for the paramedic or first responder, soon you will see THERE IS NO GRAY.  As always own the day and go out the door with intent.  


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