Why are you here?

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself "why am I here?" Most providers in EMS would be able to answer this question superficially. Most of us wouldn't even think twice about it saying something like "I want to help people." But the real question should be "why does it really matter?" Ok, so why does it really matter that you have a deeper understanding of why you are here? The beginning of your self-growth begins with the answer to "why you are here?" When you stop and develop an articulated and tangible answer to "why you are here" what happens? It becomes personal. Well, what becomes personal? YOUR approach to this profession. YOUR approach to patient care. YOUR willingness to engage in self-reflection in order to become better and grow. Now, when you take the time to really develop an articulated answer you become personally invested in your own development. Once this happens you no longer allow complacency to rule the day, but excellence. And, excellence because you now realize this isn't just a job that when the tone goes off you go out the door, it's now a job that you have a vested and personal commitment to. This will cause you to take the important steps of self reflection. Answering this question will drive you towards growth, development, and excellence.