What we do matters. Part 2

What we do matters.  The way we treat people matters.  The way we interact with family members matters.  The way we interact with each other and different agencies matters.  Interacting with people on a professional level does several things.  First and foremost it creates a degree of trust with your patient.  They immediately recognize that you are committed to solving their problem.  Secondly, it facilitates better teamwork.  Lastly, it demonstrates to everyone at the scene your level of professionalism which will give them confidence in your ability to treat people medically. 


Keep in mind you may never know what the patient is going through.  What they are experiencing on a personal level.  It may be their worst day ever, or they may have called as a result of their worst day ever.  Why not take that opportunity to try and make their day a little bit better by having met you, by having to interact with YOU the paramedic or first responder.  Make it your goal with your patient and their families to remember YOU for how well you treated them, how well you took care of their family, or how well you compassionately solved their problem.  Make no mistake they will remember you on the day they have called you.  You may not remember them but they will remember you.  Make that memory of pain or suffering a little bit brighter because YOU walked in the door, because YOU solved their problem.


Own the day and go out the door with intent.  —Field Medics—


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