What Keeps you SHARP? Humility Continued

Humility as we have seen is essential to success.  It is the proper mindset for the successful.  As it relates to the paramedic or first responder it is critical to becoming the premier provider.  Humility when integrated with self reflection is the proper mindset to have.  

These two principles integrated together is the key to your EDGE as a provider.  Humility is the tool to keep your edge sharp.  This is so because of two reasons.  

Initially, humility allows you to ascend to the top of your practice.  It causes you to be in a constant state of bettering yourself, sharpening and honing your skills, knowledge, and practice.  Being in a state like this causes you to be moving ever forward and ultimately reaching the pinnacle of your practice.  This pinnacle is manifest by your extreme confidence when going out the door and willingness to be accountable for all your decisions on each scene.  Being humble is the only way to truly reach the top. 


However, there is more.  Once you have ascended to the top using humility, you MUST remain humble.  The mindset that is in a constant battle with humility is complacency.  If you reach the top of your practice, you have done so with humility.  But, if you change your mindset and adopt a shred of complacency you will quickly fall from the top.  This is why humility is the key to your precision sharpness and your knifes edge.  Once ascending to the top, humility forces you to stay there.  Humility won't allow for anything but the best and continued development.  Complacency, in contrast, allows for in improper approach towards the job and you will quickly fall from the top.  


So, remain humble and use humility to reach the pinnacle of your practice.  Once getting to the top, use humility to stay there.  Refuse to adopt an attitude of complacency and always remain on top of your practice.


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