What is Field-Medics?

Field-Medics was created to help Paramedics, EMT's, Firefighters and other first responders develop professionally. There is an idea that exists in the world of EMS that once graduating your respective training you have all the skills needed to be successful. The truth is that you may have all the educational requirements to hold the certification level but how proficient are you really, right after getting your cert? This is where the learning curve begins. This isn't the end of the process but the beginning. Don't allow yourself to be deceived in to thinking you've made it simply because you have a cert, now the work begins. Developing yourself after school is a career long endeavor. An endeavor that requires constant attention. Whether you've been a paramedic for years or are a brand new graduate from EMT school the learning never ends and the personal development must always continue. The reality is that most First responders focus solely on the gaining of medical knowledge, however, there is much more to it than that. Field-Medics was created to help you move further in your profession by helping you develop your professional approach. Have you considered the importance of professional attributes as it relates to First Responders? Have you taken the time to develop a decision making process? What about your methodical approach? Do you approach your calls consistently so you limit the mistakes you make? Are you a preceptor and if so have you ever really contemplated your role? What is the personal conduct of a successful preceptor? What is it that the preceptor must do in order to offer the greatest opportunity for success to your students? Field-Medics was established to help other First Responders succeed by integrating the other important essentials of professional attributes and decision making with your education.