What about Setting the Tone?

Setting the Tone
Part 1
What is setting the tone? This is an idea or better yet it’s really jargon that is used in many different disciplines or industries. The fire service uses this jargon, the military, the police, even professional and high school athletics use the jargon. What does this really mean though? Is it even defined for anyone to be able to identify whether or not they are setting the tone? Paramedics and first responders use the jargon or term "set the tone" to try and define how to run a call. It does not matter what the call is whether a medical, trauma, or traffic accident. We use this to try and define to others and ourselves how we want to run the call. It certainly has meaning but how do we know if we are successful in setting the tone? What can we identify in the term so that we can train others to “set the tone”? At field medics “setting the tone” is a very critical part of our training and we have successfully identified what this term actually means. Field medics has defined what this jargon means. Setting the tone is discussed in “Life and Death Matters”, we will expand upon the idea here for more clarity. We have developed Setting the Tones "3 C’s." More to come, in the meantime continue to provide great patient care and go out the door with intention.
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