The Importance of Expectations

“Properly defined expectations lay the groundwork for mutual trust and communication.” - Field Medics -

Expectations are often considered a check box.  To some degree the concept of expectations sometimes leaves a sour taste in our palate.  This shouldn’t be the case, however.  Expectations are crucial for individual success and are also pivotal for success within a team, organization, or agency.  

Having individual expectations is fundamental to individual growth and development.  This is where the concepts of self-reflection and humility play a crucial role in identifying personal goals.  These personalized goals are silent, personal expectations you have for yourself that contribute to your growth as an individual.  A brief note here on the difference between motivation and determination.  Motivation will force you to develop the personal expectations, determination with force you to work for and meet those personal expectations.  (Both serve there purpose, but understand the difference).  

As it relates to team development and success, expectations are fundamental as well.  You as a paramedic preceptor set the expectations with your candidate, just as your medical director has set the expectations with you.  What is this in a simple term?  Leaders Intent.  You clearly articulate your intent as the preceptor, so that the internship runs as smoothly and is an exceptional success story.  Both a success for you and for your candidate.  

This is the opportunity that you have to get everything on the table.  No more surprises.  This greatly reduces stress, frustration and hesitation.  Now everyone understands the expectations.  This is the first step in creating a good environment, built on trust and communication.  Communication drives success, and expectations drive communication. 


Until next time as always... Own the day and go out the door with intent.  

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