Strasbourg Shooting

In light of the shooting in Strasbourg let us take some time to think about the victims and the responders. First of all great job to the responders, from all reports it sounds like multiple people had very severe injuries that were probably mitigated and addressed by medics in the field. Take a few minutes, whether at the station or in your ambulance, to think about how you would respond to an active shooter. Do you know how your triage protocols work? What are the major life threats that can be mitigated in the field? (Hint: bleeding control and tension pneumothorax). Refamiliarize yourself with the tools needed for these interventions. Address your thought process and preplan with your team. Communicate to them how you plan to address multiple victims. Do you have SOP’s for active shooters? And are you familiar with them? Decisive action will be critical in this situation. Have a plan.