Smoke explosion with FDNY firefighters engulfed in smoke and fire. From what I’ve read no serious injuries. Take some time to think about and view this video. Are you an EMT or medic on your engine or truck company, or the county based paramedics with rural volunteer fire departments? How about private or hospital based ambulances providing services? We should all think about the potential injuries of a smoke explosion. First and foremost these will likely be colleagues that you know well, or maybe even crew members. How will that affect your patient care? Are you prepared for something like this to happen to your team? What is your primary concern here? I would argue airway management, smoke inhalation and respiratory burns. Are you RSI certified and do you know your procedures and drug dosages? What are your backup airway tools? GO OVER THEM WITH YOUR TEAM. Where is your cricothyrotomy kit and are you familiar with it? When was the last time you looked at it? Be ready and go out the door with intention.