Make That SAVE



Review the story above for your motivation today. Motivation to be better today. And then become determined to be better for the future. The culture of apathy in prehospital medicine must stop. It is a very daunting task however it is a worthy one to engage in. Why do we become apathetic? Is it the call volume? The number of so called illegitimate calls? I believe we all suffer from apathy to some degree from time to time. But I also believe that if you conscientiously engage in combating that apathy it will work. Entire countries, cities, communities, and most specifically individuals look up to the first responders that serve them. May you go out the door and be worthy of that praise today, tomorrow and into the future.  We must be better as a community, the days of apathy have gone on long enough and it is up to individuals to change it. Go save someone today. You wanted the task, now go save the person that an apathetic paramedic can’t. You can make that save because you are engaged. That save may be as simple as recognizing sepsis and calling an alert early so the patient now gets those IV antibiotics an hour quicker. That is a save brothers and sisters. That is a save. The apathetic and adequate paramedic doesn’t make those saves. Go make that one today. Own the day, and today go out the door with intent.


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