Intention and Humility; the roadmap for success part 1

When we speak of the successful what do we mean?  The successful could be one that has gained success in a certain discipline or profession.  Maybe a successful athlete, professional, medic, firefighter, or warrior.  The discipline matters very little but the roadmap to success is the key.  What exactly does that map look like though?  Intention and humility are the cornerstone for success.  

What exactly is intention and why is it so important?  Intention is born out of self discipline.  Intention is the principle of acting with purpose.  Remember?  Intention is decisiveness with purpose.  This is a great definition.  Intention is not arbitrarily acting with no direction.  You act with purpose in order to accomplish a specific goal or task.  

Why is intention so critical to your success?  Intention is a reflection of your self discipline.  We as medics and firefighters or first responders can literally prepare our entire careers for a few life changing moments or calls.  This is the key... PREPARE WITH INTENTION.  We've discussed the importance of preparation in previous blogs and I encourage you to go back and read those. 

Stop and think about this concept for a moment.  The most successful individuals you can think of have devoted their lives to preparing with intention.  They have mastered the unique prerequisites of self discipline and preparation.  Why should the medic or firefighter or first responder be any different?  We shouldn't be any different.  

Stay tuned as we continue to develop this roadmap.  As you can see we are starting to INTEGRATE several concepts here.  Operating with an integrated approach towards your paramedicine or firefighting is essential to be truly effective and successful.  

As always, own the day and go out the door with intent.  

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