Humility. Part 2 of the roadmap to success.

Humility is an interesting concept for the first responder.  We sometimes may become arrogant in our approach because of an incorrect thought that somehow we must be arrogant in order to be confident.  This is a false premise and an idea that must be flushed from our minds as first responders.  We must as first responders continually practice humility in our approach and attitude and this in turn will lead to confidence.  Let's take a look and see why this is so.

Integrating the concept of self-reflection into your practice will cause confidence.  When reflecting on your practice and skills with HUMILITY in mind it allows you to identify deficiencies or skills within your own practice that can be addressed.  After identifying these deficiencies we must create a plan in order to become better.  This  is integrated with the idea of INTENTION.  We then execute our plan with the intention of addressing the deficiency.  This in turn leads to confidence because you are truly becoming a master at your practice or skills.  This is a short and brief example of why humility can and will contribute to your confidence.  

More to come as we develop this roadmap.  As always... Own the day and go out the door with INTENT!


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