Execution and Success

The roadmap to becoming a successful paramedic or first responder, as we have seen, is founded on the principles of humility and self reflection.  (See previous posts).  However, success is built on the principle of execution.


Today it is so easy to become motivated.  Motivated through others, motivated through some writing, or motivated through some social media post.  This motivation, however, is brief.  You must move beyond motivation.  Motivation serves it's purpose to inspire and guide you towards goals.  However, motivation will not carry you to the end goal.  After becoming motivated, you must adopt a determined disposition.  Determined to achieve that goal.  Then execute.   


Execution is what actually moves you forward and towards the things you wish to achieve.  This is accomplished through the determined mindset.  Start with the small things that need to be accomplished and begin executing a plan to accomplish your vision.  


This is extremely important when it comes to the paramedic or first responder.  You must execute a training plan, you must execute a reading plan, you must execute a personal plan in order to become better.  Don't settle for being briefly motivated to become better.  Develop a plan to become better and EXECUTE it.  Maybe that looks like being determined to read for 30 min a day, maybe working out consistently, or studying your discipline daily. 

Become determined to be better.  Develop an idea or plan and EXECUTE it.  Execute, Execute, Execute.  This will move you forward and you will be better for it.  As always Own the day and go out the door with intent.  

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