Execution is certainly one of the most pivotal principles of success.  Execution is crucial for your continued growth and development.  Without execution you begin to become complacent and stagnant in your practice because you are not moving forward.  You stop moving towards your goals, towards your plans, towards your objectives.  Often times people look at a goal or a task in terms of the big picture.  You look at this goal and require of yourself the perfect plan or the perfect roadmap in order to accomplish that goal.  Having a global outlook and a big picture is important, however, don't allow that big picture to overwhelm you and cause you to stop executing.  Don't become intimidated by the big picture, don't allow that to impact your ability to move forward.  Don't allow the big picture to paralyze your execution because you don't know exactly where to start or exactly how that goal is going to be accomplished.  Instead, begin executing the smaller tasks within that goal.  By simply executing you will quickly see that the big picture becomes more clear, your understanding of the final desired result reveals itself all because you started executing.  

Motivation is a great thing.  However, motivation is actually a small part of your success.  Today everyone becomes quickly motivated by what they see or what they hear or read, however, what good does motivation do without execution?  You can walk in to the station with the motivation to go train but if you don't execute and turn that motivation in to action you've gained nothing.  When you become motivated to accomplish something quickly begin executing small steps required to accomplish that goal.  Don't consume yourself with what the end product exactly looks like.  Once you begin executing small things your big picture and goal begins to clear up.  

Something else that is important to execution is your personal growth.  You begin to learn more and more about what it is you're doing.  Think about sitting around and talking about pulling a hose line for a fire attack.  You are motivated to do it but don't exactly know where to begin.  So, you sit back and try and evaluate every possibility and every contingency so that you accomplish the perfect hose lay.  You become paralyzed with action because you aren't quite sure how to exactly accomplish this so you fail to execute and learn nothing.  Instead, just go execute.  Go out the door and pull the line.  You may not know exactly what it looks like at first but as you begin to execute the goal becomes more clear and the motivation has turned to execution.  In turn your growth increases exponentially because of your execution.  It's like the person who wants to learn how to do push-ups.  One person reads all they can about how to do the perfect push-up because they don't want to mess it up.  Another person has the motivation to do push-ups but instead of inaction they begin just doing push-ups.  They are not perfect push-ups at first.  They are of low quality and even may illicit some criticism at first.  However, after days of execution the push-ups begin to increase in quality and now they are exceptional.  All the while the first person is still reading about how to do the perfect push-up.  At the end of the day, who has accomplished more?  Who has learned more about push-ups?  Arguably the one who has been executing the push-ups.  Don't fear the reps!  Go out the door, in the station, on the training ground, with the mindset of execution.  You will see you quickly become better and your big picture begins to come in to focus.  You will now have laser like precision and ability to accomplish your goals.  Execution, Execution, Execution.  Just start with Execution.  As always, own the day and go out the door with intent.  


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