Counting Medics?

As promised we will continue the discussion on multiple medics on scene and the potential implications of patient care problems... Our previous discussion explored the importance of developing the EMS team (See Team Development Blog). But, as stated in the conclusion of the article (also in Team Development) their are potential problems with patient care errors when multiple medics are on scene. The cause of this could be discussed for days, however, what can easily happen when too many medics are on scene? The answer is, decreased decision making ability. But, why? One would think that with more medics on scene better decisions can be made. Yes, they can be made. However, when difficult decisions have to be made, suddenly you begin to question yourself or your fellow medic. Silently, you begin to hesitate in your decision making process. Silently, you begin to question yourself and your confidence begins to waiver. This is, however, if you allow it to cause hesitation. This is a perfect example of the need to develop your methodical approach towards patient care. How and why you operate the way you do. After developing that approach and implementing it consistently, your confidence is found in the reliability of your approach. Suddenly, it doesn't matter at all how many medics are on scene. But what will matter is how efficient your team is, and that is a reflection of the time you have taken to develop them. Now, don't get me wrong, having others on scene to help you create a plan is vital to your success. And taking in and considering the opinions of others is vital as well. Just don't let it cause hesitation and indecisive action, which will lead to compromised patient care.
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