Consequences of Pridefulness

Below is a link to an article written in EMS world.


This article is an exceptional example of the consequences of complacency.  The providers here demonstrate the exact opposite of what it means to be a patient care advocate.  Poor work ethic, zero accountability, poor team dynamics, no personal integrity, the list goes on.  Why is it that these characteristics get adopted?  Certainly it is not the starting point of ones EMS career.  Pridefulness creeps in, slowly and silently.  These medics in their pridefulness thought they understood the event in front of them and wouldn’t even take vital signs much less do a thorough assessment.  Did this contribute to the death?  Not sure, but they certainly could have provided at least some standard of care.  Seeing things like this is so upsetting.  And it should prompt us all to consider how it is we operate as providers.  Do we conduct ourselves with a humility towards the job, towards our patients?  Always attempting to provide for patient advocacy and care.  Or, rather, do we conduct ourselves with a prideful arrogance?  Always assuming the answers and unwilling to do the work because of no personal integrity.  And, how is it that one combats the demands of the job, with the workload, the stress, and all the other factors that contribute to a calcitrant attitude?  The answer in short can be found in “Life and Death Matters” which lays the foundation of a successful and exceptional EMS career.  But a short synopsis will do.  Character.  Methodical Approach.  Decision Making principles.  These factors greatly improve each providers mental state, which in turn contributes to exceptional patient care.  Refuse to be like the providers in the article.  Force yourself to be an exceptional provider by conducting yourself with personal integrity, personal accountability, and a humble approach to the job.  


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