Confidence it the KEY

The decisions you make in EMS are directly related to your confidence. Confidence is the key, it's the difference between action and inaction. Making decisions confidently is something that every provider should strive to do. Every provider wants to make good decisions and make decisions confidently. But, where does that confidence come from? How do you develop confidence in your own decision making process? Well, it begins with self discipline. And specifically the discipline to begin developing YOUR methodical approach. Once YOU begin to articulate YOUR approach to specific patients you begin to understand your personal decision making process. Why you do what you do and where your trigger points are. Developing your methodical approach gives you a tangible template by which action and decision making begins. Once you refine this approach, you MUST use it CONSISTENTLY. Your methodical approach to say a respiratory patient should be used CONSISTENTLY. Now, after developing an approach to a specific patient and implementing it consistently you have silently created a degree of reliability. You now can rely on your approach because you have a tangible reason to, namely your SUCCESS of utilizing the methodical approach. This reliability has now created CONFIDENCE in the methodical approach. So, be disciplined and develop a methodical approach, then implement that approach consistently. The result is reliability which leads to confidence. Now, you are no longer making decisions hesitantly, you are simply making decisions and acting. And doing so with CONFIDENCE....which is the KEY. For more on the methodical approach see previous blogs.