Setting the Tone
Part 4
We have developed the idea and definition of setting the tone as relates to emergency response. Field Medics defines setting the tone as tones 3 C’s. We have discussed command and conviction as two of the three. The third C is CONFIDENCE. You’re confidence as a provider or responder will directly affect the “tone” of the call. You must make decisions with confidence and direct and delegate to your team with confidence. This is the final piece to define what setting the tone means. Confidence is key. Confidence, however, is obvious to setting the tone. So how do you exude confidence? There are two primary factors that will improve confidence and then bleed over to your team and patient care.
1. Preparation. You must prepare. That means study the material that is needed to inform your decisions, whether it is clinical material, reading smoke, building construction or any number of other disciplines. You must know and understand didactically what is being asked of you.
2. Accountability. The second piece here however is more important. You must take accountability for your decisions. When you do this it gives you the confidence needed to make the hard decisions and in turn set the tone.
Continue to provide great patient care and make good decisions. Remember to go out the door with intent.
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