Command, Conviction, Confidence

Setting the tone
Part 5
To conclude SETTING THE TONE we will go over the 3 C’s.
1. Command- Take command of the scene and take command of the decisions that need to be made. Delegate and direct your teammates to accomplish your vision. Allow your team the latitude to accomplish your vision in the way they see fit, what this means is DO NOT MICROMANAGE.
2. Conviction- Conduct yourself with the conviction that you have a duty to act. 911 has been called for a reason and you must have conviction to approach the situation with the intent of mitigating whatever emergency is in front of you. Make decisions with conviction.
3. Confidence- Exude confidence as you come on scene, both with your team and with the patients you are treating. This will absolutely set the tone you want. Prepare, prepare, prepare and take accountability for your actions and decisions, it will give you freedom and will set the tone with confidence.
Own the Day and Go out the door with intent.
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