Setting the Tone Part 2

The First of the 3 C’s as we develop Setting the Tone is Command.
Setting the tone. We continue to develop and define what this means. Field Medics has defined setting the tone with the 3 C’s. The first of which is Command. What is command and why is it important? As it relates to setting the tone of a call, command is identifying yourself as the leader. You are actively identifying yourself as the person that is making decisions as it relates to patient care. You must demonstrate an ability and willingness to assert yourself as the leader and decision maker. Step into the role of leader and take control of the situation that is in front of you. This, however, does not mean that you start to bark orders at people or your teammates and demand that they do what you want. Taking command can be very subtly accomplished, especially when you invest in your team. Why is command important? Command is important for many reasons, but as it relates to setting the tone, it is important because your team, the patient and bystanders will know that they are dealing with someone who is competent and who is establishing themselves in a clearly defined leadership position. This does two very important things. One it gives your patient confidence that someone is actively engaged in mitigating their emergency. Two it helps you as the provider develop patient rapport. Understand that when you take command you must take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Leaders that “take command” and set the tone for a call and then fail to take full responsibility for how things turn out immediately lose the respect and trust of the other teammates. If you assert yourself as the leader of a call but are, on the other hand, unwilling to take responsibility for the outcome it will hinder your ability to make critical decisions. Oh and by the way this is easy to identify, true leaders don’t make excuses and look for the back door. More to come soon, in the meantime be smart and go out the door with intention.
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